Consumer Codes

Consumer Codes are utilised across the private housing sector and are designed to ensure best practices in the marketing and selling of new homes and setting standards for after-sales services and customer care.

At CCG Homes, we are committed to providing high-quality new homes and delivering excellent customer service for homebuyers.

We follow the best practices and standards set out by various industry-led consumer codes which offer protection to prospective purchasers at every stage of the buyer journey.

The choice of Consumer Code will depend on the warranty provider that is used for the development.

The Consumer Code for Home Builders. This code sets mandatory requirements for home builders in marketing and selling new homes and their after-sales customer service. It also offers an independent dispute resolution scheme and sanctions for non-compliance.

The Consumer Code for New Homes.
 This code establishes minimum standards for customer service, fair and clear documentation, and adequate information provision. It also provides access to a free and fast independent dispute resolution service.

Both consumer codes aim to ensure fair treatment of new homebuyers by builders and to improve the quality and customer service in the new homes market. They provide additional protection for home buyers from the moment you reserve to the end of your building guarantee period.

Find out more about the Consumer Codes in use by CCG Homes and what they mean for you…