CCG Homes offers our purchasers a 10-year Building Guarantee from recognised UK warranty providers.

The choice of warranty – otherwise known as a structural warranty –  depends on the development but the protection offered is broadly similar whereby the homeowner is provided with insurance to ensure that any defects found within the home, even several years after construction, will be fixed.

A 10-year structural warranty is usually split into two periods. The first period lasts for two years, and the builder must correct any issues that arise during this period.

The second period lasts from years three to ten. During this period, the builder or developer is only obliged to rectify major structural problems. These may include the foundations of your property, external rendering, load-bearing floors and walls, and your roof. If any smaller complications arise during this time, such as issues with guttering, fixtures, and fittings, the homeowner is responsible for the repair. The same goes for any problems occurring due to wear and tear, weather damage, or lack of maintenance.