Building Your Home

CCG Homes purchasers are given the unique opportunity to benefit from a culture of excellence in construction and manufacturing. 

We are a member of the CCG Group of Companies, one of the largest construction and manufacturing groups in Scotland and a business that has pioneered ‘offsite manufacturing’ build processes for over a decade.

Offsite methods of construction can be distilled down to the assembly of homes and components in a factory setting as opposed to a construction site. In the instance of CCG Homes, we create entire wall zones in one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the UK and thanks to precision engineering and automated production processes, where are able to guarantee consistency, quality and advanced energy performance characteristics.

The added value for our buyers comes with improved thermal performance with fewer junctions and greater tolerances allowing us to drastically improve airtightness and minimise heat loss.

With energy demand being inherently lower, energy consumption is reduced as a consequence. Throw in bolt-on services like renewables, the combination of these enhanced methods and innovative technologies can help deliver annual savings on fuel bills as well as drastically lowering carbon emissions.

Find out more about this innovative process HERE.

CCG Homes offer a range of efficient homes in Scotland. The Riverford Gardens development in Glasgow offers property for sale in Glasgow South with a range of townhouse for sale Glasgow and flats to buy Glasgow. CCG Homes are built of the highest standard of materials and skill, offering comfortable new houses for sale Glasgow Southside. CCG Homes also provide the opportunity for help to buy Glasgow property, making new homes for sale Glasgow Southside even more accessible.
Net Zero Homes on Granton Waterfront

In response to changes to building and energy standards, as our economy transitions to net zero, CCG Homes is now delivering net zero homes for sale with 56 one and two-bedroom apartments on Granton Waterfront…

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