Building Your Home

As a member of the CCG Group, purchasers of CCG Homes are given the unique opportunity to benefit from a culture of excellence in construction and manufacturing.

CCG uses innovative methods to deliver your home where, from our bespoke base, we design and manufacture timber frame systems and components.

We use the very latest design software and semi-automated production techniques to create the ‘iQ’ Timber System, one of the most advanced of its kind in the UK, and when combined with our construction expertise, we create homes with a greatly enhanced building fabric.

This enhancement delivers improved levels of airtightness and reduced heat loss which means our purchasers require to use less energy to heat their homes, thus, reducing energy consumption and generating long-term energy savings.

CCG Homes offer a range of efficient homes in Scotland. The Riverford Gardens development in Glasgow offers property for sale in Glasgow South with a range of townhouse for sale Glasgow and flats to buy Glasgow. CCG Homes are built of the highest standard of materials and skill, offering comfortable new houses for sale Glasgow Southside. CCG Homes also provide the opportunity for help to buy Glasgow property, making new homes for sale Glasgow Southside even more accessible.