Buying With Us

Like any other premium product, creating our new homes requires a combination of high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail – which all takes time, however, there are many benefits to the purchaser when buying a CCG Home…

Whether it is your first time or you have that little bit more experience, the decision to buy a new home is often one of the biggest people can take during the course of their lives so you want to get it right but it also has to be enjoyable for you and your family.

Our expert Sales Team are hugely experienced and will provide you with the comfort and time to make your choice whilst our Customer Care Team is on-hand once you have entered your home to help you with any niggles over an extended period of time.

From the very first step, CCG Homes will be with you on your home buyer journey…

Step 1 - Reservation

You’ve selected the property you’d like, paid the reservation fee and taken the first step to owning your new home – congratulations! Now you need to contact your solicitor to let them know that you wish to instruct them.

Step 2 - Mortgage Application

In order to conclude missives, you will require an approved mortgage application. This means that your mortgage advisor should submit the application immediately after reservation. Following that, your lender will send a surveyor to the development to carry out a mortgage valuation. The Mortgage application and survey process can take a few weeks so there is no time to waste in getting this started. It also helps if you advise your mortgage advisor or lender of the 21-day missive period.

Step 3 - Information Giving

Following Reservation, your sales adviser will also arrange a time with you for an ‘Information Giving Meeting’. This is where we run through the buying process with you again. If buying off plan, we will let you see some larger plans that will give you further insight into the development. These plans are not freely given out, however, you will be able to view them any time by appointment in the future. Our team will be able to answer any other questions you may have prior to exchanging contracts.

Step 4 - Exchange of Contracts

The legal contracts (known as ‘missives’ in Scotland) will now be sent to your solicitor. Once received, the 21-day ‘missive period’ begins. During this period you will meet with your solicitors to go over the details of the missive. Once these are agreed upon, your solicitor will ask you to accept the conditions of the contract and pay the full deposit in accordance with the terms detailed on your reservation form. Your solicitor will require an approved mortgage in order to exchange contracts so it’s important that you have this in hand.

Step 5 - Provisional Date of Entry

When you buy a new home off-plan, it can be difficult to predict the time it will take to build due to factors beyond our control such as suppliers, Building Control, and the weather. That’s why we only provide you with an indicative date of entry when you first purchase your new home. As the build programme nears completion, certainty will increase, however, we recommend that you have a plan in place in the event there is an unforeseen delay.

Depending on how far in advance you reserve, we may initially advise of a quarter (i.e Q1 January – March, Q2 April – June, Q3 July to September, Q4 October to December) when we anticipate your new home to be complete. No less than 6 weeks prior to completion we will advise you of the month your home should be ready but please bear in mind this date is still indicative so firm plans are made at your own risk.

Only once your home has been finished to CCG Homes’ high standards and passed by the Premier Guarantee and Building Control, we will advise you in writing that your home is ready. We will give you no less than 14 days’ notice of the date of entry.

Step 6 - Finishing Touches

Once missives are concluded, our sales team will arrange a time and date to meet with you to personalise your new home by choosing items such as the kitchen colours and bathroom tiles.

CCG Homes include many luxurious ‘extras’ as standard, however, you may also choose additional items from a list of pre-selected options carefully chosen by our design and interiors team from our trusted and reputable supply partners. Chargeable items should be paid for upfront by credit or debit card and are non-refundable.
Ahead of the Colour Selection Meeting, our sales team will advise you of the ‘cut-off date’. This is the deadline by which you must confirm your colour choices and any extras to avoid delaying the construction programme. If this deadline is missed the option to upgrade or personalise will be lost and your new home will be built to our standard specification.


Please note: if you are purchasing a home which is already under construction or nearing completion, kitchen and bathroom tiles and/or extras may already have been selected, so at the point of reservation, please check with your sales adviser whether personalisation is possible.

Step 7 - Planning Ahead

Your new home is a blank canvas and you’ll want to personalise it to suit your style and taste, so there are important things to consider before you move in:

Before being handed your keys, you will have specification and your agreed optional ‘extras’ that CCG Homes will have installed. For everything else under your own responsibility,  be mindful that these can only be undertaken once you have your keys so plan accordingly and always use experienced qualified trades. Also, don’t paint and wallpaper immediately; CCG Homes always recommend you wait for the house to settle before applying decorative works to avoid any unnecessary alterations down the line.

Always register your appliance guarantees! CCG Homes also provide a 2-year defects period and you are also covered by your 10-year building warranty. In navigating both, our Sales and Customer Care Teams can provide helpful advice.


Step 8 - When You Should Expect to Hear From Us

Our Sales Team are always on hand should you require any assistance throughout the homebuying journey at regular, timed intervals usually every 6-8 weeks and more frequently as you move closer to your move-in date.

Step 9 - Keeping You Informed

Despite very careful planning there are many variables involved in building new homes which are beyond our control and from time-to-time, delays can happen.

Should a delay occur that impacts on the anticipated completion date, we will write to inform you of the new anticipated completion date and send a copy of this letter to your solicitor for their records.