Why Buy New?

Buying a new build home comes with many benefits to the purchaser but buying what are they and why should it be with CCG Homes?

Whether you are a first-time buyer, downsizer, or have a young family, the benefits of buying a new build property over an existing one come in many forms. We are here to help…


As a result of modern building standards, new build homes are naturally delivered to a more energy-efficient standard than those constructed in the past. With CCG Homes, that is very much the case; in fact, our homes are up to 35% more energy-efficient than the national housing standard for energy performance in Scotland and that is because we super-insulate our homes and use advanced methods of build to minimise heat loss. We also apply bolt-on services such as solar PV panels and integrate low-carbon appliances which are installed prior to the purchaser moving in.

When compared to the expense of bringing up an existing home to a new build standard of performance, the added value to a purchaser is significant whilst long-term savings on annual fuel bills will help keep money in your back pocket.


One of the main benefits of buying a new-build property is that they require less maintenance. It can be common that upon moving in there are teething items to address but overall, the quality standards achieved from new build offer real peace of mind especially given CCG Homes’ Customer Care service for up to 2 years and the provision of a 10-year, building warranty.

Brand new appliances from the likes of Siemens and Hotpoint are included as standard with CCG Homes so buyers needn’t worry about budgeting for these as they are included in the price of the property and are ready for immediate use whilst Fibre to the Property and data connections offer a streamlined and immediate set up for family entertaining or home-working.


Fresh, fresh, fresh! Being able to make your mark on your home is something that we all crave and it is made so much easier with a new build property. Your choice of kitchen and bathroom finishes, new sanitary ware, and fresh decoration are some of the many aspects that are all complete and in place before you’ve moved in. Enjoy putting your mark on things without the hassle of working with someone else’s decorating mishaps.


Is there such a thing as a new build premium? Perhaps, but it is difficult to not find value in the benefits outlined above. Buying a home of any kind always requires a level of liquidity but that can only stretch so far and one of the distinct advantages of new build homes is controlled costs. Where you might be required to bid for an existing property, new homes are fixed price. Even with added extras, the purchaser has full sight of costs and the additional spend which is only undertaken at their discretion.

Who needs a bidding war???